As 1 of the 29 women out of 150 State Representatives, Victoria believes she has a responsibility to bring attention to issues that impact women and children.

That’s why she and her friend, Rhetta Bowers, took the lead on organizing the 2017 and 2018 Dallas Women’s Marches, which drew an estimated 10,000 people each to Downtown Dallas. These were special days in our city’s history.

Meet the Freshman State Rep. who Organized the Dallas Women’s March:

This session, Republican lawmakers continued their attacks on women’s health. These attacks are killing women in our state: Women in Texas are dying of pregnancy-related complications at the highest rate of any country in the developed world. State Representative Victoria Neave will continue to fight against attacks on women’s health and will fight for increased funding and access to women’s health services.

Improving our broken Child Protective Services (CPS) system was a top priority for Victoria Neave this past session. The legislature came together in the Texas House to pass a package of bipartisan bills that will improve funding levels for CPS, reduce caseworker caseloads, and create better policy on kinship care. Additionally, State Representative Victoria Neave authored several amendments to CPS bills that will ensure children have advocates looking out for the children’s legal rights as CPS implements the changes to our foster care system. With the passage of these bills, we took an important step toward providing better care for our most vulnerable children.

I grew up right here in Dallas in a humble family with a father who has a sixth-grade education. I understand the value of education and how it opens up the door to opportunity. Thanks to my parents’ sacrifices, I was able to go to law school, work at one of the top ten law firms in the country and then started my own firm. There is nothing more important to parents than the education of their children, and I will fight to make sure our children get the education they need to be Texas’ future leaders.

To ensure that our children start school ready to learn and succeed, we should invest in quality Pre-K programs. Early education programs have positive short- and long-term impacts on children and our communities, such as increased high school graduation rates and decreased crime rates. Early education is the first step for preparing our kids for their futures, and I will fight to ensure that our schools have high-quality Pre-K programs available to all children.

The Legislature had an opportunity to fix our school finance reform for the first time in 30 years and inject $1.6 billion into our public schools, including millions of much-needed dollars to Mesquite ISD, Garland ISD, and Dallas ISD. I strongly supported this bill, but partisan politics got in the way, yet again, and proponents of vouchers added an amendment that ended up killing the bill. Our children deserve better than a school finance system that is “deeply flawed” and barely constitutional. We are going to continue to fight for increased funding for our neighborhood schools and against vouchers which strip dollars away from our public schools. Our children deserve the ability to attend world-class schools regardless of the zip code in which they live.

State Representative Victoria Neave hosted a Paying for College Fair at Eastfield College in Mesquite in February 2018 which drew several hundred attendees who had an opportunity to visit with colleges and hear from speakers about higher education.

Texas women earn 79 cents on the dollar for the same work as a man. African-American women earn 59 cents on the dollar and Latinas earn just 44 cents on the dollar in Texas. This is unacceptable. When women are paid the same as their male counterparts for the same work, the whole family benefits. That is why I co-authored Representative Senfronia Thompson’s Equal Pay bill and filed my own Equal Pay bill during Special Session. I will continue to fight for equal pay for equal work for women.

On December 26, 2015, a series of tornadoes struck Dallas County, including parts of Garland, and caused significant damage to homes and other property in our community. After speaking with homeowners affected by the tornado, I authored a bill that would create a temporary property tax freeze for individuals who rebuild their homes that were damaged by a natural disaster. People already face a number of challenges as they rebuild from such disasters—they should not have to worry about their property taxes increasing as well.

I also fought against the “Blue Tarp Bill” or “Hail Bill,” which will be harmful to Texas property owners and which makes it harder to hold insurance companies accountable when they wrongfully deny, delay, or underpay valid claims. We should be protecting property owners, not creating special rules for insurance companies. That is why I was one of the key strategists for fighting against this bill, authoring an amendment that would lessen the impact of this bill on our community. Unfortunately, the bill passed, but I will continue to fight against legislation that will erode consumer protections for property owners.

Senate Bill 4, the “Show Me Your Papers” law, will have devastating effects on children and families across the state. This unfunded mandate will make our communities less safe by tying the hands of local law enforcement and eroding the trust between law enforcement and our community. We have already seen a decrease in reports by Latinos of rape and other violent crimes. It’s heartbreaking that some members of the Legislature ignored the pleas of law enforcement, faith leaders, and families just to score political points. This racial profiling bill affects citizens and non-citizens alike, including students on public and private college campuses. I will continue to stand with law enforcement and our community who oppose this law.

I also believe we need to support DREAMers and have stood with them time and time again. Our opponent wants to repeal HB1403, the Texas Dream Act.

I grew up in Pleasant Grove in Dallas and come from a working-class family. My dad owned a small TV and VCR repair shop in Mesquite, so I understand the need to promote small business development in our community. That is why I filed legislation to provide training and professional development programs that would help unemployed individuals start their own small businesses. Also, I will continue to fight for an increase in the minimum wage and for equal pay for women so workers can make a livable wage for themselves and their families.

Consumers should feel secure when purchasing products and services in our community. That is why I filed a package of pro-consumer pieces of legislation that, if passed, would have:

  • Protected victims of wrongful towing;
  • Required landlords to give tenants notice of a rent increase;
  • Required landlords to allow tenants options for how they pay their rent;
  • Provided recourse when a mortgage lender attempts to foreclose on a homeowner while the homeowner is undergoing loan modification; and
  • Prohibited governmental entities from contracting with payday lenders.