Victoria Neave - Endorsements

Individual Endorsements

It is my pleasure to support Victoria Neave,a candidate who has long-been committed to diversity and who truly reflects our values and highest ideals.
Aiesha Redmond
Attorney and Community leader
I have known Victoria since she was in high school, actively involved in community organizations. That active involvement continued through her time in college and law school. It continues today as a young professional. She is passionate about effecting positive change for all communities. She will be an outstanding representative for District 107 in the Legislature.
Diana Flores
DCCCD Trustee
We are proud to support Victoria. She is committed to representing all segments of the community. As family members of Adelfa B. Callejo, we know she would also be very proud of Victoria's campaign because she is carrying on Adelfa's legacy as a social advocate for those who cannot represent themselves.
Stephanie and Michael Gonzales
Attorney and Community Leader
Victoria Neave is a leader who possesses the highest level of integrity. She believes passionately in the promise of her community and will work diligently to ensure opportunity for all. She is a change agent!
Dr. Michele Bobadilla
Community Leader
I'm very excited to support you, Victoria Neave! Thank you for stepping up to lead, I know you're going to make a tremendous impact!
Erika Beltran
State Board of Education Member for District 13
I’ve known Victoria to always put the needs of others and her community before her own. District 107 needs someone who isn’t afraid of tackling important issues at the State Capitol. I am proud to endorse Victoria Neave for House District 107.
Beth Villarreal
Precinct 5 Constable
Victoria Neave is exceptionally qualified to serve the citizens of District 107 based on her education, civic and political activism. She is talented and well versed on the law and the issues of the day impacting the citizens of her district. She will make an outstanding State Representative!
Hector Flores
Past National LULAC President


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Senator Royce West

Former Texas State Representative Dr. Harryette Ehrhardt, House District 107

Former Texas State Representative Allen Vaught, House District 107

Former State Senator & State Representative, Ted Lyon

Texas State Representative Nicole Collier, House District 95

Texas State Representative Ramon Romero, Jr., House District 90

Hon. Clay Jenkins, Dallas County Judge

Larry Duncan, Dallas County Schools Board President

Omar Narvaez, Dallas County Schools Board Trustee

Dr. Theresa Daniel, Dallas County Commissioner, District 1

Dr. Elba Garcia, Dallas County Commissioner, District 4

Diana Flores, Dallas County Community College District Trustee

Erika Beltran, State Board of Education Member for District 13

Mark Clayton, Dallas City Council, District 9

Adam Medrano, Dallas City Council, District 2

Philip Kingston, Dallas City Council, District 14

Jeff Casper, Mesquite City Council

Miguel Solis, Dallas Independent School District Board Trustee

Kevin Carbo, Sr., Mesquite Independent School District Trustee

Beth Villarreal, Precinct 5 Constable

David Barton, Dallas

David Wilkins, Precinct Chair, Lochwood

Bill Matthews, Precinct Chair, Lakewood

Maria Cristina Romero, Precinct Chair, Garland

George Nolan, Precinct Chair, Garland

Jan Bridges, Precinct Chair, Garland

Lynda Hall, Precinct Chair, Mesquite

Deshawn Weekly, Precinct Chair, Mesquite

Joy Brady,  Precinct Chair, Vice President Garland Area Democratic Club

John Loza, Former Dallas City Councilman

Beth Villarreal, Precinct 5 Constable

John Creuzot, Former Dallas County District Court Judge

Koni Ramos Kaiwi, Garland

Jesse Moreno, Vice President, Dallas Parks Board

Hector Flores, former LULAC National President

Jesse Moreno, Vice President, Dallas Parks Board


Annie's List
Texas Latina List
National Latino Law Enforcement Organization
National Women's Political Caucus- Texas Chapter
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 100
Women Organizing Women Democrats
Dallas Building & Construction Trades Council
Texas Young Democrats
Stonewall Democrats of Dallas
DFW Muslim Democratic Caucus
Mexican American Democrats
Tejano Democrats
Hispanic PAC of Dallas
Texas Association for Retired Americans
Texas Equity PAC
Texas State Teachers Association

And Numerous Other Community Leaders & District Residents.

[simple_tooltip content='Stephanie Gonzales
Dallas Attorney and Community Leader'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Michael Gonzales
Community leader and Business Owner'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Larry Duncan
Dallas County Schools Board President'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Dr. Elba Garcia
Dallas County Commissioner , District 4'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Eric Cedillo
Dallas Attorney and Community Leader'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Allen Vaught
Former Texas State Representative for District 107'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Diana Flores
DCCCD Trustee , District 6'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Dr. Michelle Bobadilla
Community Leader & Education Administrator'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Omar Narvaez
Dallas County Schools Board Trustee'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='David Barton
Democratic Precinct Chair in District 107, Precinct 1056'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Amy Witherite
Dallas Attorney and Lakewood Resident'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Nicole Collier
Texas State Representative , District 95'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Bridget Moreno Lopez
Dallas Attorney and Community Leader'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Maria Cristina Romero
Democratic Precinct Chair (Garland Precinct 3701)'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Anthony Eiland
Dallas Attorney and Community Leader'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Ramon Romero Jr.
Texas State Representative , District 90'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Marcos Ronquillo
Attorney and Community Leader'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='David Wilkins
Democratic Precinct Chair ,Precinct 1048'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Milton Whitley
Mesquite Community Leader'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Aiesha Redmond
Attorney and Community leader'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Dr. Harryette Ehrhardt
Former State Representative for District 107'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Dr.Theresa Daniel
Dallas County Commissioner, District 1 '][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Ted Lyon
Former State Senator, District 2'][/simple_tooltip]


Organizational Endorsements

[simple_tooltip content='National Latino Law Enforcement Organization
National Organization & Dallas Chapter'][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Annies List
Volunteer Organization '][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 100
Local Union '][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Texas Latina List
Community Organization '][/simple_tooltip]
[simple_tooltip content='Texas Building Construction Trades Council
Construction Company'][/simple_tooltip]


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