Rape Kit Backlog & Sexual Assault. The very first bill I filed, House Bill 1729, was signed by the Governor! We passed House Bill 1729 and House Bill 4102, which are anticipated to generate over $1 million annually to help address the rape kit backlog. Our office also worked with Senator Royce West to pass an amendment to our House Bill 4102 to help generate revenue to address homelessness in our community. Also, working with Senator Watson’s office, we passed Senate Bill 966, which extends protections to minors who report or are victims of a sexual assault.

Women Veterans. To recognize the courage and contributions of 180,000 women veterans in Texas, the highest of any state in the country, we worked with women veterans locally and across the state to pass legislation designating June 12th as Women Veterans Day in Texas.

Saving Tax Dollars. We need our local and state government to work better for our constituents. That’s why I worked with Dallas County and across the aisle with a Republican Senator to pass House Bill 1755, which improves the efficiency of county government and will save Dallas County about $225,000 every year.

Protecting the Elderly and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. We worked with Senator Zaffirini to pass Senate Bill 1710, which provides needed reforms to Texas’s guardianship laws. Guardianships are created when a parent, sibling, or child may need some assistance to perform daily activities. But not all guardianships are permanent. Perhaps an 18-year-old with Asperger Syndrome needs a guardian, but by the time he is 25, he does not. Senate Bill 1710 provides an easier path for adults under guardianship to apply to have their rights restored.